Monday, October 27, 2014

What A Day! And Daily Gratitudes(20)

I'm not quite sure what was going on with me today but DAAANG!! High-strung is an understatement. I woke up feeling like I hadn't slept at all but once I got up and going, I felt like I had an adrenaline rush.

I'm usually pretty laid-back but nope, not today. I set two classroom parents straight without much diplomacy. Hoping I won't have to pay for that later. I don't regret anything that was said but my tone could have been kinder. The co-worker who overheard the conversations assured me that all was fine. My sister laughed and said that what I feel like is a "roar" is usually just a "meow" but it seems worse to me because I've gotten used to just "squeaking like a mouse". Hmmmmppff. I hope she's right or else there may be some repercussions. I just don't understand why folks can't take of their child's transportation issues after school. Grrrrrr...

One of my classroom loves moved away, unexpectedly, over the weekend. I hate losing "my babies" before the end of the school year.  My new student with special needs began today and all went GREAT! He is such a tenderheart and the other kids welcomed him with open arms. Yet another child has my heart in their hands. I was so relieved to tell his mom what a wonderful day he had. I can only imagine her relief. Parents have such a hard job!

By noon, the adrenaline rush ceased and I came crashing down with a migraine. 2nd Grrrrrr... of the day. Thankfully, I caught it at the start so was able to prevent it from becoming a full-blown misery.
I'm hoping the cause of the tumultuous day is still the hormonal system trying to regain a balance.
Grateful that the work day did go by quickly and the evening has been laid back.

Daily Gratitudes:
1. How well all things went with the new student. So glad to be proven wrong :)
2. Spending the afternoon with my most favorite 8 year old.
3. That the new RX for migraines worked effectively with very few side effects.
4. My mom surprising me with a yummy home-cooked dinner.
5. Rhyder's sweet silliness and his precious giggles.
6. Calm evening and the opportunity for an earlier-than-usual bedtime. 

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