Friday, November 7, 2014

Daily Gratitudes(30)

1. The "Book Fair" volunteers and their graciousness to kids/families in need.

2. The availability of Disney's Beauty and Beast DVD. My kiddos enjoyed the high school play and are lovin' the cartoon version.

3. The opportunity to participate in the school's 100-mile club. Gulp(!!) Ought to be interesting to  walk 100 miles between now and mid-May.

4. Tomorrow's trip to Abilene for counseling appt. and a better selection of athletic shoes. (Poor Kurt doesn't know what's coming at him tomorrow...but he assured me that he can handle whatever comes up. Sigh...)

4. Loving messages from the families of my previous students.

5. Simple & clear expectations at my new school that are not dependent upon family ties, finances, or social status. To be treated fairly, respectfully and not having to walk on eggshells is great!

6. For the safety of Heather, this morning, after she was "plowed into" by another driver who ran a stop sign.

7. For the safety of Deidra and her girls, this morning, after a large deer rammed itself in the side of her SUV.

8. For the kindness of the soldiers who helped me with a large box at Walmart that was obviously causing me issues in the parking lot and who also took the time to shake hands and visit with an elderly man who was shopping. (I was determined that the blasted box WOULD fit into my car. I was wrong {LOL} but the packaged doghouse did make it home after being unpacked, unassembled, and pressed sideways. Thinking maybe I should have got a truck or SUV.)  I'm still not used to seeing so many dressed in fatigues out and about. Still takes me a minute to remember where I am. When seeing such in Tyler usually meant some type of chaos was occurring. Seeing such here is just a part of life.

9. For the fun time with Kaeden scouring the Halloween clearance racks and boxes. We found some great deals.

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