Friday, December 26, 2014

Daily Gratitude (72-77)

Saturday, December 20 (72)

1. Care-free, no-obligations kind of day
2. UP and ion TV offering back to back holiday movies.
3. Blessings of heat and A/C in an unpredictable season of weather

Sunday, December 21 (73)
1.  Lovely Christmas decorations
2. Giggles of children
3. Rhyder feeling significantly better from the flu

Monday, December 22 (74)
1. Enjoyable time at movies watching Annie
2. Kim's friendly attitude on garage sale site
3. 1st day of holiday break

Tuesday, December 23 (75)
1. Keith's birthday
2. For folks speaking truth to me even when it's a hard thing to do.
3. Conveniences of frozen food

Wednesday, December 24
1. Brookshires having everything I needed at the last minute
2. My mom's willingness to help me even when I'm not sure if the need
3. Excitement of the boys looking at the Christmas lights

Thursday, December 25 (77)
1. Kaeden's early morning Christmas excitement
2. Meaningful conversation via messaging with Melanie
3. Leslie's ability to always make me laugh
4. The much-treasured friendship with and support of Keith and Vickie
5. Precious memories of David
6. Randy's continual care and prayers

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