Friday, December 5, 2014

Who I Am (besides obviously being a work in progress)

I can't be who anyone else wants me to be me.
I can only be who I am.

I am a child of God which in turn makes me one who will treat others with the kindness, love and mercy that the Lord has freely given to me.

I am a believer in the one True God, His Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
Being a believer will lead me to a life that is centered upon God's Will and His Words.
I welcome all relationships that will encourage me on that chosen path.

I am a "child-at-heart".
I love spending time with children and fully expect my life to include associations with children either through teaching or some form of ministry.

I am an American and am so blessed by that reality.
I will not take this privilege and honor for granted.
I will use these privileges to bring blessings to others, whether at home or abroad.
I will also show proper respect and gratitude to the courageous men and women who fight for and protect those blessed freedoms daily.

I am generous with my belongings and my time.

I am slow to trust but once trust is earned, I am loyal and devoted.

I am a sensitive person which includes intense empathy for the feelings of others and also leads to times of needing absolute solitude to replenish.

I appear to be extroverted to most because I easily meet people and can keep a conversation going but once the initial meetings are over, people realize how introverted I truly am.
That tendency toward introversion can be a personal struggle.

I am a lover of people.
I want to hear their stories and be involved in their lives.

I am a helper and a care-taker with a heart filled with compassion.
That greatest strength can also be my greatest downfall.

I am very intuitive about others and, unfortunately, sometimes rush to judgement.

I am by far my own worst critic.

I tend to assume too much personal responsibility for things that are truly beyond my control.

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer yet my tendency to be a control freak can weaken my spiritual faith.

I believe in the goodness of people and in the ability of change to occur within a person's life.

I am a strong advocate for the downtrodden and mistreated; especially in terms of children, animals and the elderly.

I am easily amused and love to have fun.

I like to laugh and be silly.

I shy away from intense drama in entertainment and avoid all tear-jerkers.

I love being outdoors even though my outdoor skills are limited.

I love playing games and being involved in sports but I'm not generally all that competitive.
It's more about fun.

I love to travel---by car, by plane, by boat...

I like to cook; especially baking but am very dependent upon tried and true recipes.

I love participating in Women's Bible Studies and am always amazed in the ways God works in those situations and in those relationships.

I have always wanted to learn to draw and to play the piano.
Maybe one day...

My favorite role in life thus far is in being an aunt.
I can't even imagine how much parents must truly love their own children because my niece and nephews hold my heart in their hands.

Teaching is my profession but also my hobby.
Always on the lookout for new ideas.

I am still surprised by how much I really enjoy camping out and going fishing.

I am very conscientious and that strong sense if right and wrong can be both a blessing and a curse.

I hate confrontations but am growing stronger each day.

I am quick to stand up for the rights of others yet am just now developing the abilities to stand up for myself.

I am capable of being a leader but much prefer being part of a team.

I love music and am in awe of how impactful it can be even though I can't read a single note or carry a simple tune.

I am easily aggravated by those who are content with remaining a victim of whatever circumstance.

I desire authentic, genuine relationships.

I don't sweat the small stuff but sometimes fail to recognize the true size of some circumstances or situations.

I enjoy reading and writing.
Historical fiction, time travel and autobiographies are my my favorite types of books.
Writing is a personal thing---usually in a journal as often in the form of a prayer.

And recently, I learned that I really love to shoot guns at inanimate objects.
A hunter I will never be but I could easily go to a shooting range on a regular basis.

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