Saturday, January 31, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (101-104)

MONDAY, January 19 (101)
1. Prayerful people in my life
2. Sheryl's loving willingness to pick up my RXs
3. Sunshine, sick days and rest

TUESDAY, January 20 (102)
1. Good, long recuperative sleep
2. Gorgeous weather so pups could stay outside
3. Saltine crackers. Yum!

WEDNESDAY, January 21 (103)
1. Diane's thoughtfulness
2. Debbie's willingness to be deliverer of surprises
3. Sweet pics from my classroom cuties
4. Cough syrup with codeine. Relief!!

THURSDAY, January 22 (104)
1. Warm shower
2. Soft bed
3. Funny dogs
4. Playing UNO with Kaeden
5. Rhyder's "I wanna hold you" moments
6. Wayne's kindness regarding taxes

Daily Gratitudes (78-100)

Friday, December 26 (78)
1. My sisters willingness to hear and help make sense of my tear-filled phone call.
2. A gorgeous sun-shiny day.
3. Randy's continual and prayerful guidance.
4. Power of Scripture, especially the book of Psalms.
5. Easy access to washer and dryer at my mom's and sister's so that I can avoid the laundromats.
6. Those who have been where I am and lovingly share their journey with the intent to comfort, support and help.

Saturday, December 27 (79)
1. Rejuvenating naps
2. Spotting beautiful, graceful deer in odd places
3. Ease of buying books on Amazon

Sunday, December 28 (80)
1. Safe traveling for family members returning home from Holiday gatherings
2. Opportunity and ability to donate items to charity
3. Day filled with small accomplishments.

Monday, December 29 (81)
1. Gorgeous day!
2. Light-hearted movies
3. Having more than enough storage space

Tuesday, December 30 (82)
1. Availability and convenience of a heater
2. Unexpected message from a much-loved friend
3. All in my family feeling better after ear infections, flu, croup, cold, sinus infections. Whew!
4. Successfully packing up all marriage memories and keepsakes and capable of still breathing.
5. Getting all Christmas decor put away.
6. FINALLY having all unpacked and in its place. Beginning to feel more like home. Yay!

Wednesday, December 31 (83)
1. Cozy, warm blankets.
2. Easy, fast-fixing recipes.
3. Pop-up Tents in the living room.
4. Sonic drinks.
5. New beginnings.
6. Old personal journals.
7. Heat!!

Thursday, January 1 (84)
1. Loving message from Melanie.
2. Building a successful fireplace fire.
3. Genuine laughter.
4. Lindor Truffles
5. No snow or significant ice!!

Friday, January 2 (85)
1. Hearing from Bobbie
2. Game night with
3. Pizza delivery
4. Momma feeling better

Saturday, January 3 (86)
1. Opportunity for Allen and Elizabeth to attend Jan Kay
2. Exercise room is set up.
3. Much needed rain last night.
4. Much appreciated sunshine today.
5. Getting garage organized

Sunday, January 4 (87)
1. Note from Tara
2. Note from Susan
3. Nice day for dogs to be outside
4. Momma bringing over some dog food
5. Time available to rest in attempt to get over this cold crud

Monday, January 5 (88)
1. Productive day at work
2. Enjoyable visit with Jenny and Kimber
3. Brookshires having all I needed so I didn't have to go to Walmart
4. Books received from Amazon
5. Okay for house repairs by Mickell

Wednesday, January 6 (89)
1. Walmart trip with Sheryl and boys
2. Chili's late night dinner
3. Energy to be out and about in evening

THURSDAY, January 9 (90)
1. Picking up Kaed for school
2. Linda's loving kindness
3. convenience and delivery

1. Talking with Randy
2. Genuine laughter with Andria and Janie
3. New student, Zoe

1. My mom, sister and nephews coming over just to hang out.
2. A slight reprieve from the rain
3. Talking with Keith
4. Encouraging words from friends via Facebook

1. Afternoon naps
2. Warmth of a fireplace
3. Good books

1. Yummy lunch
2. Productive work day
3. Heated car seats

1. Finding classroom calendar props that I thought were forever lost.
2. Drive through pharmacy
3. Nice visit with Netty

WEDNESDAY, January 14 (96)
1. Ability to fix shower head
2. Wayne's kindness towards AT&T and taxes
3. Arrival of bed support pillow.

THURSDAY, January 15 (97)
1. Fun evening at Sheryl's with family and friends
2. Mitch's generosity
3. Amber's helpfulness

FRIDAY, January 16 (98)
1. Memorable evening with my momma.
2. Ability to stand up for myself at the ATT store. Time was when I would have walked out if the store in knots rather than putting a stop to obvious crap.
3. The willingness of Randy, Amber, and Sheryl to verify I acted accordingly. Yay, me!

SATURDAY, January 17 (99)
1. Not having to take a sick day because of this miserable cold hitting on a Saturday.
2. Understanding of Kelsie and my mom at having to cancel plans.
3. Sunshiney, warm day.
4. OTC meds that kept temperature down. Immune system: please return to me(!!)

SUNDAY, January 18 (100)
1. Available weekend health clinics
2. Kind doctors and nurses
3. Availability of shots