Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feeling a lot stupid BUT even more grateful


Within the past 2 days, I've discovered that I'm now a classic victim of a con-artist/criminal scheme. I'm usually much more aware of these types of things due to long ago experiences growing up with a criminally-minded-and-active father but...totally missed this one.
Basically boils down to being in a minor fender bender which didn't even leave a mark on my car---not even the unsettling of accumulated dust. The other driver SEEMED nice enough. This occurred the week that I was so very sick with the double flu attack so I'm gonna place a bit of the blame there(!!)

I wasn't really sure who was at fault and honestly didn't care. It was so minor. I was so sick and with all else going on in my life, this was a small fish to fry. I did everything that I KNOW one is not to do. I didn't call the police. I didn't take photographs of the cars. I didn't immediately contact my insurance...AND BY FAR THE DUMBEST THING I DID was to let this man into my house a week later after he unexpectedly showed up at my front door. (Have I already mentioned the word STUPID!!!)

Nothing too uncomfortable occurred until he was leaving and then it was only a simple comment. I mentioned this to a friend who had access to personal records. This dude has a police record over 10 pages long(!!!) Charges (which were all found guilty) varied from multiple DUIs, theft, insurance fraud, forgery, and physical assault.
Upon this revelation, I contacted the insurance company. He claimed MUCH more damage than was even feasible and thankfully, they caught that but they still paid out a ridiculous amount.

By the end of this next weekend. I will have much more secure doors at my house and pepper spray.
And may God help the next person who misconstrues my kindness and friendliness.

I am through with any amount of anything being spent on total and complete jackasses.

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