Friday, February 20, 2015

Maybe One Day...

A friend asked me the other day what I would be looking for in a relationship. That particular conversation began quite a thought process.

I would want someone who:

...will support and encourage me in my walk with God

...wouldn't mind attending church services with me spiritually-minded though not necessarily religiously oriented

...feels comfortable having conversations about Biblical insights with me.

...will be openly communicative even if it's uncomfortable or difficult.

...will be honest, open, and upfront based on mutual respect and loving-kindness.

...can be trusted with my all---my thoughts, my feelings, my body, my finances.

...will be an active participant in life.

...will seek out challenges, adventures, experiences that can be shared together.

...has healthy relationships with others, independent of me.

...enjoys having fun and is able to simply "play around and be silly".

...who has enough self-confidence to not put on a show and perform for others.

...bases decisions on hopes and faith rather than legalistic rules or fears.

...takes time to truly listen with an honest attempt to understand.

...can be in disagreement without launching a personal attack steeped in self-righteousness.

...doesn't belittle others to build themselves up.

...can share in the sense of calm, peace, and joy without underlying pessimism.

...will be my best friend---someone to talk to, laugh with, hang out, share ideas and hopes. trustworthy and strives to be above reproach both legally and ethically.

...doesn't RELY UPON  outside influences (alcohol, drugs, harmful activities, damaging
relationships) for a sense of self.

...wants to be a true partner in life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

...someone that will walk along beside me rather than either of us trying to pull or push other one way or the other. Hand-in-hand, shoulder-to-shoulder through all things.

...enjoys his sexuality and eagerly participates in such.

...will stand by me at all times.

...will stand up for me when appropriate.

...will protect me in healthy, respectful ways.

...values our relationship enough to actively "work at" being connected and staying connected.

...realizes and supports the importance of relationships I share with my family.

...understands that teaching is both my profession, a hobby and a passion.

...shares in the enjoyment of children. humble and realizes that no one, including self, is above reproach.

...honors and values family-type relationships even if they are not "blood related". able to show empathy towards others within a healthy sense of boundaries.

...truly desires a shared life even though interests won't be identical.

...understands that I may be weak and infallible at times but encourages me to grow stronger and better every day. willing to give and accept forgiveness.

...will be a respectable leader in the relationship without being manipulative and controlling. tender-hearted yet tough. capable of being a group leader but also willing to be a team player. not easily angered. never physically abusive. appreciative of the "little things". gentle and affectionate.

...can see the potential in possibilities.

...honors confidences and treats private issues with discretion.

...can be charitable in their time, actions, and possessions.

...respects and supports the importance of spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health. financially responsible and strives to be debt-free.

...supports/understands my "love" for animals, especially dogs and horses.

...enjoys outdoor activities such as but not limited to fishing, camping, four-wheeling, shooting, etc.

...appreciates sports but isn't a fanatic or unhealthily competitive.

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