Monday, February 9, 2015

Unexpected Happenings

This past week has been A myriad of activities and emotions. So thankful for the weekend break. I feel as if I've gone non-stop all week but haven't accomplished much so my to-do list is quite lengthy. I know I need to prioritize the agenda because accomplishing all isn't likely.

Well, the weekend was nothing as is planned. Lazy, pajama day on Saturday and Sunday, a migraine kept me pretty much confined to bed. Ugh.

The week is off to a good start. For the 1st time in a month, all but 1 student were at school today. Hoping that means this horrendous onset of illnesses are behind us all. I had my annual observation today. I knew it was coming but really didn't think it would be today. Hard to tell how it went since I had a new appraiser and appraisal system.

I am meeting with my lawyer tomorrow. I haven't seen or even talked with her since asking her to file papers. Texas' divorce guidelines are a long drawn out process. 60 days after filing before the judge will even accept information. I'm ready for this to be done. Husband is being all friendly right now but I've a feeling that it's simply the calm before the storm. Time will tell.

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