Sunday, March 22, 2015

Being an Adult ;)

Lacking all motivation today. There is a cute picture going around Facebook with a chubby puppy flat on his belly with all four legs spread out and chin touching floor that's titled "I don't wanna adult today."

Perfect visual description of me today. I have much to do today but the only thing I really want to do is sit outside in the sunshine, listen to some upbeat music and read or go downtown to the carnival fun for the "Annual Rattlesnake Round-Up". Lol!! Gotta love Texas---we'll find any excuse to have carnival food and a Ferris wheel put up in a parking lot. 

But my agenda consists of a necessary Walmart trip, some past due house cleaning and hopefully, delivering my puppy-love, Josie to a new home now that's she's healthy and better trained. Love helping to rehab pups but man, it can be hard to let them go. Josie needs much more attention than I can give her and this potential home sounds like a good match. I'm concerned about how Jacks will initially react to being an only dog but I think he'll adjust well. 

Well...didn't do anything I felt that I must do or anything I originally had wanted to do. Josie did make it to her new home and it seemed like a good fit. Time will tell. I was concerned about Jacks grieving his puppy pal but silly boy has eaten twice his normal amount of food. He even dragged his kennel blanket up to the couch that Josie rarely allowed his presence. 

Spent the evening over at my sister's house and she helped me to realize why this past week, in particular, has been so hard. I'm thankful for her kind heart, willingness to listen and her abilities to discern 'what really is happening'.

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