Friday, March 27, 2015

Germs, Germs, GO AWAY!!

Waking up at close to 4 this morning with an obvious stomach virus accompanied by fever was actually relieving in that it helped to make sense of yesterday. I keep praying for a stronger immune system but the PreK class germs keep catching me. Frustrating and job-threatening.

Regardless of job outcome, I am at peace knowing that I've done my absolute best this year in not allowing personal drama effect work attendance. Pray that those in authority do believe such but that's out of my control. 16 days of absences is ridiculous but it is what it is. The classroom has always been my place of productivity; the most comfortable societal place and the place my self-confidence is in tact for the most part. If I am capable of being there and adequately functioning, that's one of my favorite places to be. I wouldn't choose a day to simply be at home.

Despite saltine crackers being my best buddies today, the day of rest has been beneficial. I long for the day that the days of rest are chosen and not forced by some form of minor illness.

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