Monday, March 9, 2015

Hmmm...I just might be a "Redneck Girl" ;)

While talking to a couple of girl friends about what we'd most like to do. I shared the following. My buddies lovingly teased that I just may be a redneck girl. Hmmmpppfff...wondering if that's a good thing or not. (!?!)

My "ideal weekend" would consist of sunny days with good people who like to have fun, are able to be silly and some time spent grilling, four-wheeling, shooting, fishing, and possibly swimming/floating with star-filled nights that would include a big camp fire, tailgates down, good music (which MUST include something by Jimmy Buffet) and a truck bed filled with pillows and plush blankets to stargaze.

Praying that The Lord will allow someone special in my life who would enjoy such a time of, as well as a fun dinner out and overnight hotel stays while traveling to places filled with adventure and new experiences.

I'm so very grateful for this 2nd chance at life and I'm ready to truly start "living".

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