Sunday, March 8, 2015


I doubt I'll ever understand, on this side of heaven, why things happen the way they do. 

The questions range from the small daily details of life all the way to issues of literal life and death. 

Today my mind has been centered upon the unfairness of those suffering through serious health concerns and the impending death of loved ones. There is so much pain and suffering in the world. I haven't any idea on how people survive day to day without God. 

I spent some time last week with the mother of a son who chose to be a soldier so that he would be able to go to college but ended up being physically and emotionally injured while stationed in Iraq and now will never be able to live without assisted care. This was a lady with an obviously strong faith. I regret not asking her name but I will be in prayer for "her boy, Sean" daily along with the rest of those in service to our country. 

I had a school conference last week with a well-respected family who is being torn apart by the anger and uncertainty of living with one who suffers from a bipolar disorder. And another family who is slowly but surely being destroyed by the power of addiction.

Heartbreaking scenarios in which I can only comfort, listen, love and pray.  I am so grateful that God IS aware of all and DOES have all under control even when it seems like all has gone crazy. 

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