Thursday, March 26, 2015

Un-Expected Q and A. (sigh)

Today has been hard. From the start of the alarm clock, nothing was naturally falling into place. I didn't want to get out of bed so my repeated hit of the snooze button caused some rushing around. Thursday is the day I pick up Kaed for school. He was running behind schedule so lost a lil' more time. I hit the ground running the minute I walked into the school building doors and I was never able to establish a groove for the day. Thankfully, my students were able to just go with the flow and the non-routine day went well even though I couldn't get out of there fast enough when that 3:30 bell rang.

Exhausted and emotional would be an understatement. The plan of the evening was to get Kaed after school, go to Walmart and spend the evening on lessons for next week but plans don't always pan out.

Kaeden was filled with questions about Uncle Wayne, along with Bailey and Bela. By the time I was through with his impromptu Q and A, all thoughts were mush, and any remaining energy was gone. Dropped him off, began bawling in a way that hasn't occurred in a while and came home and crawled into bed. Sleep is always refreshing. I ended up sleeping 5 hours straight and now it's almost midnight and I'm still going strong despite the 5:30 alarm looming in the near future.

Sigh. Folks that have "been here before" assure me that these un-timely bouts of emotional chaos are  part of the normal course of healing. I can attest that they are coming fewer and farther between but I'd prefer that they didn't occur at all(!!).

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