Saturday, April 11, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (from last week)

Saturday, April 4th
1. Getting to see my puppy-love, Josie
2. Both pups getting a good grooming at a reasonable price
3. Finding exactly what I needed at Big Lots
4. An enjoyable afternoon and evening with my mom

Sunday, April 5th
1. Sun-filled afternoon
2. Quality rest and relaxation
3. Finishing up some unpleasant tasks

Monday, April 6th
1. Friendship shared with Deidra and Diane
2. Good visit with Lisa S.
3. Discovering another option for a seemingly insurmountable problem
4. Enjoyable evening with Sheryl, her boys and our mom.

Tuesday, April 7th
1. Chicken biscuits and Diet Dr. Pepper
2. Tangible PROOF that someone's accusations are not true.
3. Fun celebration of Rhyder's 4th birthday!

WEDNESDAY, April 8th
1. Supportive classroom families
2. Encouraging coworkers
3. Prayerful friends

1. Encouraging news
2. Fresh flowers
3. Delicious lunch

1. Simple fact that it is Friday
2. Availability of time to prep for next week
3. Willingness of people to stand up for truth regardless of repercussions

1. Lifetime of shared friendship with Randy & Debbie & Keith and Vickie
2. Kind messages from caring friends
3. 7 hours of continuous sleep

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