Friday, April 17, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (past week compilation)

Sunday, April 12-Friday, April 17th

1. Restful weekend
2. Productive meeting with Superintendent
3. Ease of conversation with Lisa S., Liesa L. and Tammy G.
4. No work drama
5. Wonders of a true thunder storm
6. Job possibilities in surrounding area
7. Taco Casa!
8. Last administration of the CPALLS test for the year. Ugh!
9. Students growth being evident through the CPALLS testing
10. Fun and enjoyment of Aiden's birthday. Autism and Aspergers has me intrigued.
11. Enjoyable evening with just me and Rhyder
12. The beginning of Tball season and baseball. Love Little League ball.
13. Progress being made as seen through lawyers email.
14. Ability to have a straightforward though awkward conversation with guy who misread.
15. Continued kindness and support of classroom families
16. Prayerful Pals who hold me up during times of weakness
17. Sheryl's surprise afternoon snack brought up to my work one day and a surprise breakfast on another day.
18. My momma's unconditional love, support and the sharing of her wisdom.
19. Potential cabin getaway in Arkansas
20. Suitable, affordable houses in area. Looks as if a house payment would be less expensive than this rent.
21. Convenience of online application process
22. Being able to actually come home during my lunchtime.
23. The musical group, Casting Crowns.
24. Simple joys of a tennis ball and a happy dog.
25. The fact that not one person agrees with a choice that has been made. Clear conscience is a powerful thing. Confidence in God is beyond tremendous. And supportive people are comforting.

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