Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Let the CORRECT countdown begin!

Last year at this time, I was in the midst of making difficult choices that I knew would forever change in my life. The blessings that have come from these choices FAR OUTWEIGH the trials & troubles that have occurred.

The divorce process seems to be never-ending and finances remain tight but God has provided above and beyond my every need. My continual prayer is for "chapters" to be peacefully closed and for my immune system to improve. I continue to catch every lil' germ that passes through my classroom and am starting off the final few weeks of school with walking pneumonia (which is thankfully minor but oh so exhausting).

The divorce process has become aggravating. Nothing should be as complicated as it has become. Sad to realize that every single thing a counselor told me would be said or done has happened. Sad because of the reality but also relieving in helping assure me that I absolutely made the right choice.

I somehow or another tacked on 10 extra school days in my mind. Pleasantly surprised that there are only 22 school days left!! Soooo ready for summer. I'm not certain what "my next step" will be but fully trusting that God will enable me to "stand" in and with whatever occurs.

I went to the baseball field tonight for Kaed's 1st "practice baseball game". I really enjoyed bring there. I'm not the most sports savvy person but I've always loved little league ball. I was reminded this evening how blessed I am in having such Godly women in my circle of acquaintances and friends. Meeting Carolyn was a pleasure. Spending time with Andrea, Heather, Kaylee, Deidra along with Sheryl and Mom filled my heart with joy.

Being where I am right now isn't my first choice but since I'm not wanted where I most want to be, I am especially grateful for being surrounded by "good people". Every day, my awe grows for the blessings I've been given.

I am still desperately wanting a private cabin getaway but am rethinking Arkansas. It would be great to revisit places that I once considered home but it would be very hard to be there and not be able to see those whom I would most want to see.

I still have a few weeks to decide and depending on the next chapter of life, a cabin may not even be financially feasible. But a few days to get away WILL happen. It's been far too long since I've had a non-obligatory trip somewhere.

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