Friday, April 17, 2015

Yay for the Weekend!!

It's been a difficult week. I wasn't able to sleep at all Sunday night so that set the stage for a tiresome week. Sigh.

I met with the interim superintendent on Monday. The meeting went well even though I'm not counting on it to change my situation. I didn't realize until this personal event that there has been some unrest on the campus for several years. I'm not about to join in on anyone else's agenda to change things within a school district that I'm just barely acquainted with.

Meeting with Liesa was beneficial on many levels and exhausting on so many more. 29 more days...Double sigh.

If finances will allow, I'm planning on renting a riverside cabin in Heber Springs pretty soon after the summer break begins. I need a place of calm, peace and quiet and I always loved the Little Red River. I debated between there or Oklahoma but Edmond lends itself to making plans ahead of time and I don't want to run around and do/see/go. I want a peaceful place to simply be still for a short while. I'm hoping to see some friends while in the area but I'm not scheduling around any other time frame than what will work best for me. I don't want any have-to type of agenda for a few days.

There is a promising job possibility that would be great if it works out. A much better fit  with my teaching style for both school-district and community. If it does work out, it'll be a great "God thing" to share one day. I've no doubt that I was exactly where God wanted me to be this past year. I don't believe that He has closed this door but I do know that He has allowed it to happen and He's got a plan even though I don't have a clue.

The aggravating, incessant cough has returned and is leaving me irritated and aggravated. I'm going to call the dr tomorrow for an upcoming appointment. My kind doctor in Tyler is still allowing phone call appointments and RX refills but it's time to move on.

Husband submitted the requested paperwork and the lawyers are almost through sifting through the information. Jenn keeps 'getting on to me' because I keep insisting that I don't care if I get a dime, I just want this chapter closed. Saddens me to think how all of this has played out when what could have been a good thing would have taken very little effort at one time.

I have been especially grateful the past 2 weeks for the conversation, insight and conversation that has happened with both Lisa S. and Tammy. Adrian has also been a tremendous blessing. I'm already missing the thought of not working with them every day. Kind-hearted Tammy has deciphered poorly written texts, proofread documentation and has been a source of comfort and strength through a couple of emotional moments. Kimber's kindness and professionalism will never be forgotten. Her spunky attitude, in general, will be a great help to get through these remaining few weeks.

I am so grateful for the upcoming weekend and half-way hoping that we have a torrential rain pour so that I can simply stay home or go to my classroom and take care of the little tasks.

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