Sunday, May 24, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Monday, May 18th
1. The ability to go to work despite such a miserable yesterday. I've never experienced the side effects of a RX being worse than what the medicine was for to begin with. Yuck, yuck, yuck.
2. Ms. S being there as Diane's sub and stepping up to help with having a good day.
3. The wondrous effects of Dramamine.

Tuesday, May 19th
1. Availability of capable substitute.
2. Kind neighbors getting needed things for me.
3. Feeling much better

Wednesday, May 20th
1. Ms. S' continued assistance.
2. Kindness and support from Mrs. Deever
3. Dinner at Sheryl's

Thursday, May 21st
1. Laughter shared with ladies in the cafeteria
2. Ability to get much of classroom packed up
3. Diane returning to work

Friday, May 22nd
1. Successful "Field Day" despite rainy day adaptations.
2. Kynleigh being able to return to class
3. Momma getting dinner for us at Golden Chick
4. Fun evening at Kaed's baseball game

Saturday, May 23rd
1. Restful day at home
2. Continuing the clean and packing of classroom
3. Momma getting me dinner at Taco Casa
4. Friendship w/ Adrian S.

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