Friday, May 1, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (weekly)

Saturday, April 25th
1. A day to simply rest
2. Enjoyable time with Sheryl and Momma
3. Ease of communication with treasured friends thru texts, Facebook and email.

Sunday, April 26th
1. Safe traveling for friends and family throughout the severe weather today.
2. 100% fever-free for the first time in 6 days
3. Much-needed rain

Monday, April 27th
1. Fun evening with family at Kaed's baseball game
2. Opportunity to meet Carolyn L.
3. Pleasant conversation with Nety
4. Seeing Andrea, Kaylee, Deidra and Heather at baseball fields

Tuesday, April 28th
1. Time with Kaeden after school
2. Playing fetch with Jacks
3. Classroom filled with giggles

Wednesday, April 29th
1. Encouragement and kindness from classroom families
2. Support and prayers from Adrian S.
3. Watching the kids perform at AWANAS and receiving awards.

Thursday, April 30th
1. Graciousness of Diane and Deidra as I have yet another sick day. Beyond aggravated.
2. Jessica 'going-to-bat' for me and having my appt with the new doctor moved up a week.
3. The fact that we do have Memorial Day off of work and the last day is an early release day. I NEED this school year to be over.

Friday, May 1st
1. Gorgeous day filled with sunshine and rest
2. Completion of another work week
3. Landlords approval to improve backyard.

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