Sunday, May 31, 2015

Daily Gratitudes

Sunday, May 24th
1. Momma helping me in my classroom
2. Kind words posted on Facebook
3. Rhyder's successful potty event. lol!

Monday, May 25th
1. The sacrifice and service of so many men & women (and their families) in the armed services.
2. An enjoyable day off of work.
3. Safety of friends and family who have been in the direct line of danger of severe storms, tornados and flash flooding.
4. Yummy hot dogs and hamburgers with my mom and sister
5. Momma coming over to help connect washer and dryer.
6. Helpfulness of neighbor with connecting the dryer(!!)
7. Kaeden's sweet good-night hug

Tuesday, May 26th
1. Safety of those caught in San Marcos flooding
2. Great behavior of kiddos on a "toy day"
3. Mrs. Stuart's kind 'good morning' hug

Wednesday, May 27th
1. Rhyder's sweet little high-fives
2. Walking and talking with Kaeden
3. My momma's perception at knowing just what to say and when
4. Diane's and Sheryl's understanding at an unexpected start to the day.
5. Only 1 1/2 more days!!!

Thursday, May 28th
1. Last load of classroom moving!! Yay!!
2. Nice visit with Mrs. Asebedo, Ms. Baugh and Mrs. Blake.
3. Sheryl's help in moving furniture.
4. Beautiful lightning storm.

Friday, May 29th
1. Surviving the last day of school.
2. Thoughtful gifts from Deidra, Diane and Elva
3. Enjoyable lunch with my family
4. Potential job opportunities

Saturday, May 30th
1. Being completely through with the "leadership" at WH.
2. All items successfully fitting in my garage
3. Kindness of next door neighbors
4. Momma's chicken spaghetti
5. Afternoon of air hockey and games with Kaeden and Rhyder

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