Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dear 2014-15 School Year:


What a year it has been!!

I've no doubt I was exactly where God wanted me to be these past 10 months but I am so grateful that the time has come and gone.

Loved, loved, loved my students.
Met some fantastic families.
Worked with some fabulous teachers and beyond-dedicated support staff/faculty.
The blessings have far outweighed the  negative ending.

I was reminded of some important truths this year:

* I am professionally capable of far more than I thought possible. Having 4 students with special needs was challenging even on the best of days but more rewarding than words could describe.

* I can't control what others choose to believe even if their belief is profoundly untrue.

* Some in authority positions are not deserving of such.

* Choosing to be upfront and honest is incredibly empowering even when things don't go as planned.

* Allowing people to see your weaknesses isn't as terrifying as I have feared.

* One of my greatest strengths can also be my greatest weakness.

* Having a clear conscience and full reliance on God offers more peace than I ever imagined was attainable.

* I can't change the unfortunate circumstances in some of my students' lives but I can create a safe, loving place for them during the time that they are in my care.

* Relying on others isn't always a let-down.

* I need to let adults work out their own issues with other adults rather than trying to keep peace and attempt to make all happy. "Don't put myself out on a limb for others and chop it off behind me."

It's been a rocky year---professionally and personally but the world continues to rotate and life goes on.

Excited to see what the next chapter of life has on store.

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