Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fell a bit behind...

I didn't do very well at keeping up with a list of daily gratitude this past week so I'll hit the highlights.

Continued support and encouragement from school families and personnel. Even though my situation is a done deal, there is much comfort in knowing that I truly didn't do anything "wrong". A clear conscience is far more important to me than one woman's screwed up thinking and fragile ego. Though I am concerned about whatever the next step will be, I am beyond ready to leave that campus and never look back. It's sad that there are so many wonderful teachers there under such screwy campus "leadership".

After a 7 month wait, I was able to see Dr. Fowler this past week. I really liked her. She was kind-hearted, generous with her time and the nurses were fabulous. Now to find a dentist.

I had an enjoyable evening at the baseball fields with my mom, Sheryl, and the boys.

Amber and I went to a spur of the moment late night movie which was fun.

Good appointment with my lawyer. Praying that a legal ending point will be in the immediate future.

Aiden's family generously gave me their washer and dryer before they left for Ohio. Maranda and Chad graciously transported. So very blessed by kind people in my life.

I made a huge dent in the classroom moving process which is relieving.

Continued blessings of much needed rain.

Allen and Elizabeth were able to get their driving permits.

A night of giggles and a silly movie over at Sheryl's.

Kynleigh's successful surgical treatment for her broken elbow.

Meeting all financial obligations without borrowing.

A good beginning point for Trim Healthy Mama.

The opportunity to leave nothing left unsaid.

ISD payroll accomadations for the remaining paychecks.

8 1/2 more days!!

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