Monday, June 29, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, June 21st
1. The precious men in my life who helped to fill the void in my heart from not having a real relationship with my own dad.
2. Playing Wii games with Kaeden
3. Laughter of kids in the neighborhood

Monday, June 22nd
1. Sheryl's drop-by visit
2. Yards mowed
3. DQ chocolate-dipped cones

Tuesday, June 23rd
1. Meds that kept migraine to a minimum
2. Posting of new job potential
3. Afternoon rain shower

Wednesday, June 24th
1. Pay day deposit!!
2. Enjoyable evening with Momma, Sheryl and the boys
3. Email glitches getting worked out
4. Gorgeous blue sky this afternoon

Thursday, June 25th
1. Spending day with my mom
2. Evening at Chili's with momma and Sheryl
3. Movie night with Mitch and Sheryl
4. Kaeden's terderheart at letting his pet turtle, Junior, go
5. Phone call from principal in Coleman
6. Honest 'conversation' with a treasured friend

Friday, June 26th
1. Yummy Dominos pizza
2. Good medical test reposes
3. Helpful medical personnel
4. Visiting with Amber
5.Evening with my momma

Saturday, June 27th
1. Restful day
2. Hanging out with mom
3. Sheryl's family enjoying their reunion

Monday, June 22, 2015

So much stuff...

Today has been a little overwhelming. Repacking all of my "school stuff" into plastic buckets rather than cardboard boxes has been a hot and tedious task. All will be much more manageable once it's done but it has taken longer than I expected.

Still no news on the job front but trusting that God will work out the details. My hopes are on a job opening in Bangs. Time will tell.

Billy came by today and mowed the yards. Yay for his report that the weeds are diminishing and the grass seed has taken to the ground. Now to get a sprinkler so the summer heat won't burn up the progress.

Sheryl and the boys stopped by unexpectedly this evening. I enjoyed their visit and of course the ice cream trip to DQ.

Plans tomorrow are to finish up the garage materials, get caught up on laundry, file paperwork and to get the kitchen straightened up. Such an exciting life...haha!

Car insurance scam dude was in the neighborhood tonight. I haven't talked with him since clearing the air about his reference to flirting. He just said "hello" from a distance with the remark along the lines of 'well, are you ready for a man in your life now'? Ugh...seriously!! I just half-laughed and said "Take care. G'nite." The closing of my front door drowned out whatever remark he made. I never "called-him-out" about the car wreck stuff; what's done is done and there's no reason to alienate the neighbors. I hope he keeps on keeping his distance. Both Chad and Acey are only a phone call away but grrrr...wish he'd simply go away.

Diane told me to put the print out of his criminal record on his windshield with my name on it but I threw that away long ago and definitely don't want to tick him off.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Monday, June 15th
1. Finding out a check was more than I thought
2. Finding good chiropractor
3. Unexpected, kind and generous offer via email from local business
4. Relieving email from landlord regarding finances
5. Enjoyable afternoon with my mom
6. Peaceful stormy evening

Tuesday, June 16th
1. Comfortable interview process
2. Fun afternoon with my family
3. Plans made with both Cheri and Diane

Wednesday, June 17th
1. Complimentary phone call from local principal
2. Seeing Kynleigh perform at cheer camp
3. Spending the day with my mom
4. Arrival of new fridge
5. Phone chat with Susan T.

Thursday, June 18th
1. Mitch and Sheryl safely traveling to and from Abilene
2. Fun day with my mom and the boys
3. Enjoyable evening with Diane
4. Being able to pass the older fridge to someone in need

Friday, June 19th
1. Significant relief from chiropractic visits
2. Momma coming over to visit
3. Fun at Kaeden's baseball game
4. Good memories shared with TLS
5. Productive clean up of garage
6. Visiting with Amber
7. Sweet hugs from school kiddos at the baseball fields

Saturday, June 20th
1. Sun-filled afternoon
2. Antics of my dog with June bugs
3. My momma's chicken and dumplings
4. Shared laughter with neighbors

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, June 7th
1. Mitch's safe arrival home
2. Enjoyable evening with my momma and the boys
3. Facebook chat with Elizabeth

Monday, June 8th
1. Sunshine
2. The Hallmark Channel
3. Taco Casa drive-thru

Tuesday, June 9th
1. Momma coming over to hang out
2. Finding someone trustworthy for home repairs
3. Finding and being able to order a new Bible
4. Late evening Sonic trip

Wednesday, June 10th
1. Evening with family
2. Approval from landlord
3. Items found for bedroom decor

Thursday, June 11th
1. Whataburger breakfast. Yum!
2. New Bible arrived
3. Recommendations for appliance repair.

Friday, June 12th
1. Seeing several of my classroom kiddos at the ballpark
2. Fun evening with Cheri and her family
3. Kind messages from Breeana and Aundi

Saturday, June 13th
1. Finally got hair colored
2. Able to have oil in car changed
3. Finding a better priced refrigerator
4. News that Susan T. Is planning a trip to come visit.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, May 31
1. Restful day at home
2. Enjoyable conversation with neighbor
3. Finding papers that I thought I'd thrown away

Monday, June 1st
1. Fun day in Abilene with Momma, Sheryl and the boys
2. Surprise message from Kara
3. Appts available for Jacks

Tuesday, June 2nd
1. Phone message from principal in Early
2. Kind messages from 3 classroom families
3.  Arrival of garage screens

Wednesday, June 3rd
1. Yummy dinner with my momma and Sheryl
2. Bedtime stories with Kaeden and Rhyder
3. Invitation from Jessica

Thursday, June 4th
1. Interview set up with an exceptional school district
2. Sweet "hellos" from classroom families
3. Graduation cards from previous students

Friday, June 5th
1. Good nights sleep
2. Seeing friends at the baseball park
3. Jacks being kept safe despite being a backyard escape artist(!!)

Saturday, June 6th
1. Kaeden spending the night
2. Yummy breakfast with Kaed and Momma
3. Seeing Brynli and her family at the park
4. Fun afternoon and evening at the city water park with Sheryl and the boys