Saturday, June 6, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, May 31
1. Restful day at home
2. Enjoyable conversation with neighbor
3. Finding papers that I thought I'd thrown away

Monday, June 1st
1. Fun day in Abilene with Momma, Sheryl and the boys
2. Surprise message from Kara
3. Appts available for Jacks

Tuesday, June 2nd
1. Phone message from principal in Early
2. Kind messages from 3 classroom families
3.  Arrival of garage screens

Wednesday, June 3rd
1. Yummy dinner with my momma and Sheryl
2. Bedtime stories with Kaeden and Rhyder
3. Invitation from Jessica

Thursday, June 4th
1. Interview set up with an exceptional school district
2. Sweet "hellos" from classroom families
3. Graduation cards from previous students

Friday, June 5th
1. Good nights sleep
2. Seeing friends at the baseball park
3. Jacks being kept safe despite being a backyard escape artist(!!)

Saturday, June 6th
1. Kaeden spending the night
2. Yummy breakfast with Kaed and Momma
3. Seeing Brynli and her family at the park
4. Fun afternoon and evening at the city water park with Sheryl and the boys

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