Sunday, June 14, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, June 7th
1. Mitch's safe arrival home
2. Enjoyable evening with my momma and the boys
3. Facebook chat with Elizabeth

Monday, June 8th
1. Sunshine
2. The Hallmark Channel
3. Taco Casa drive-thru

Tuesday, June 9th
1. Momma coming over to hang out
2. Finding someone trustworthy for home repairs
3. Finding and being able to order a new Bible
4. Late evening Sonic trip

Wednesday, June 10th
1. Evening with family
2. Approval from landlord
3. Items found for bedroom decor

Thursday, June 11th
1. Whataburger breakfast. Yum!
2. New Bible arrived
3. Recommendations for appliance repair.

Friday, June 12th
1. Seeing several of my classroom kiddos at the ballpark
2. Fun evening with Cheri and her family
3. Kind messages from Breeana and Aundi

Saturday, June 13th
1. Finally got hair colored
2. Able to have oil in car changed
3. Finding a better priced refrigerator
4. News that Susan T. Is planning a trip to come visit.

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