Saturday, June 20, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Monday, June 15th
1. Finding out a check was more than I thought
2. Finding good chiropractor
3. Unexpected, kind and generous offer via email from local business
4. Relieving email from landlord regarding finances
5. Enjoyable afternoon with my mom
6. Peaceful stormy evening

Tuesday, June 16th
1. Comfortable interview process
2. Fun afternoon with my family
3. Plans made with both Cheri and Diane

Wednesday, June 17th
1. Complimentary phone call from local principal
2. Seeing Kynleigh perform at cheer camp
3. Spending the day with my mom
4. Arrival of new fridge
5. Phone chat with Susan T.

Thursday, June 18th
1. Mitch and Sheryl safely traveling to and from Abilene
2. Fun day with my mom and the boys
3. Enjoyable evening with Diane
4. Being able to pass the older fridge to someone in need

Friday, June 19th
1. Significant relief from chiropractic visits
2. Momma coming over to visit
3. Fun at Kaeden's baseball game
4. Good memories shared with TLS
5. Productive clean up of garage
6. Visiting with Amber
7. Sweet hugs from school kiddos at the baseball fields

Saturday, June 20th
1. Sun-filled afternoon
2. Antics of my dog with June bugs
3. My momma's chicken and dumplings
4. Shared laughter with neighbors

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