Monday, June 29, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, June 21st
1. The precious men in my life who helped to fill the void in my heart from not having a real relationship with my own dad.
2. Playing Wii games with Kaeden
3. Laughter of kids in the neighborhood

Monday, June 22nd
1. Sheryl's drop-by visit
2. Yards mowed
3. DQ chocolate-dipped cones

Tuesday, June 23rd
1. Meds that kept migraine to a minimum
2. Posting of new job potential
3. Afternoon rain shower

Wednesday, June 24th
1. Pay day deposit!!
2. Enjoyable evening with Momma, Sheryl and the boys
3. Email glitches getting worked out
4. Gorgeous blue sky this afternoon

Thursday, June 25th
1. Spending day with my mom
2. Evening at Chili's with momma and Sheryl
3. Movie night with Mitch and Sheryl
4. Kaeden's terderheart at letting his pet turtle, Junior, go
5. Phone call from principal in Coleman
6. Honest 'conversation' with a treasured friend

Friday, June 26th
1. Yummy Dominos pizza
2. Good medical test reposes
3. Helpful medical personnel
4. Visiting with Amber
5.Evening with my momma

Saturday, June 27th
1. Restful day
2. Hanging out with mom
3. Sheryl's family enjoying their reunion

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