Sunday, July 5, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, June 28th
1. Supportive friends & family who understand the tough moments
2. Balancing my checkbook
3. Eric and Brooke getting married
4. All bills paid

Monday, June 29
1. Good interview in Coleman ISD
2. Appt for interview in Zephyr ISD
3. Finally hearing something back from lawyer
4. Lunch with Mom, Sheryl and boys

Tuesday, June 30
1. Test results from doctor that FINALLY make certain things make sense
2. Getting half of garage thoroughly cleaned out
3. Sweet visit from neighborhood children
4. Taco Casa coupons
5. Encouraging email from principal of potential job

Wednesday, July 1st
1. Follow-up interview being set up much quicker than expected.
2. Fun, fun time with the boys at the city pool
3. Wonderful pharmacist who shared insight and wisdom
4. Phone call with my brother
5. Increasing sense of peace and hopefulness

Thursday, July 1st
1. Cool breezes on a hot day
2. Two enjoyable interviews
3. Time with my momma
4. No side effects from new medicine
5. Confirmation of an email that was difficult to send

Friday, July 2nd
1. U.S. flags being placed at every mailbox throughout the entire town
2. Talking with Leslie
3. Helpful perspectives from friends who teach 3rd grade
4. Jacks becoming more obedient at coming when called and riding in car.

Saturday, July 4th
1. Quick relief from an allergy-induced migraine.
2. Great fireworks show out at the marina
3. Good conversation through messaging with a much-respected friend, Trey

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