Saturday, July 11, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, July 5th
1. Loving, fun-filled memories of my friend, Elaine, who would have turned 44 today.
2. Beautiful drive to Junction.
3. Great time catching up with my dear friend, Susan.
4. Laughable moments in a most pathetic motel.

Monday, July 6th
1. Safe travels for all to and from Junction
2. Interview set up for San Saba
3. Evening with my momma

Tuesday, July 7th
1. Good interview in San Saba
2. Interview set up in Blanket
3. Ice cream with Kaeden
4. Silly games of Uno

Wednesday, July 8th
1. Allen continuing to improve from pneumonia
2. Safety of all during the very unexpected flash flooding
3. New postings for potential job

Thursday, July 9th
1. Great interview with Superintendent in Blanket
2. Assurances from lawyers
3. Kaed playing well at the last baseball game of the season

Friday, July 10th
1. Watching kids perform at CABC Vacation Bible School
2. Good visit with Mr. Sommers
3. Nice conversation with Marcie and Maranda
4. Early bedtime

Saturday, July 11th
1. Peace-filled restful day
2. Sunny afternoon of reading and relaxing
3. Cool showers after getting ridiculously hot

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