Sunday, July 26, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, July 19th
1. Caring people at the Animal Shelter
2. Easy to read tire gauges
3. Fun evening at the State Park with my family

Monday, July 20th
1. Grocery shopping with my mom
2. Fish fry at the campgrounds with my family
3. Sharing of memories with Allen and Elizabeth

Tuesday, July 21st
1. Fishing with Kevin, Mitch, Allen & Kaeden
2. Rhyder's silly expressions
3. Riding in the car as Allen & Elizabeth took turns driving
4. Kaeden and the minnows

Wednesday, July 22nd
1. News that Jessica got job in Brady.
2. Uncle Ralph no longer being in pain though my heart hurts for Aunt Wanda
3. Allen and Elizabeth remaining here for a few extra days.

Thursday, July 23rd
1. Emergency Auto Assistance Programs
2. Cuddling with Rhyder and receiving surprise kisses
3. Phone call with Randy
4. Johnson's 50th Wedding Anniversary
5. "Chat" with Amber

Friday, July 24th
1. Payday deposits
2. Migraine medications
3. Reclining lawn chairs

Saturday, July 25th
1. Ability to keep up with 'old friends' through Facebook even when the news isn't happy. Praying for Kristina.
2. Enjoyable evening at my sister's house with my family
3. Time spent with Allen and Elizabeth though plans didn't go as I hoped

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