Saturday, August 1, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, July 26th
1. Family's safe trip to Greenville
2. Doable trip plans to float river
3. Leslie's phone call

Monday, July 27th
1. Ability to meet all financial obligations
2. Sunny evening of floating in a pool
3. Confirmation of job assignment

Tuesday, July 28th
1. Fun antics of an elderly dog acting like a puppy.
2. Shopping with Amber for the float trip.
3. Good visit with Mr. Sommer.

Wednesday, July 29th
1. Great time with Amber as we floated the Frio River
2. Strawberry-Rita's on a hot summer afternoon
3. Casually connecting and laughing with strangers

Thursday, July 30th
1. Meeting with my "new principal". She is FABULOUS!
2. Getting to see and work in my classroom. I am in awe of what an amazing room it is. The BEST I've ever had!
3. Phone chat with Leslie
4. Evening with Sheryl and the boys and Taco Casa ;)

Friday, July 31st
1. Kind neighbors who are always willing to help
2. Sheryl for coming to my rescue with an extra house key
3. Jacks perfecting his "howl"

Saturday, August 1st
1. Playing in the kiddie pool with Rhyder
2. Watching Little Giants with Kaeden
3. Availability of workshops to attend to meet requirements for the new school year
4. Friends recommendations for places to stay in San Angelo
5. Folks at Camp Bowie on training weekend

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