Saturday, August 8, 2015

Daily Gratitudes (compiled)

Sunday, August 2nd
1. Playing Ms. PacMan and Wheel of Fortune with Kaeden
2. Rhyder's BIG hugs that end with   exhaustive sounds and giggles
3. Momma having a good visit in Gville
4. Maranda and Riley's thoughtful gift from Destin

Monday, August 3rd
1. Freshly mowed lawn
2. The convenience of a DVR
3. Helpful friends with an uncooperative air conditioner
4. Texting with a dear friend

Tuesday, August 4th
1. Safe travel to San Angelo
2. A helpful and informative training workshop
3. Comforts of a cushy hotel.
4. Texting and talking with friends

Wednesday, August 5th
1. Informative seminars
2. Visiting with Mrs. Deaver
3. Privilege of meeting Adam Saenz. Amazing testimony!
4. New awarenesses

Thursday, August 6th
1. Teacher Supply Stores!
2. Evening swim in a pool
3. Phone calls and texts good for my heart
4. Full day seminar surprisedly ending at 1/2 day
5. Unexpected prayerful breakfast with a stranger (Debra) who is hurting deeply)
6. Enjoyable visit with a family also staying at the hotel. Great conversation, adorable children and laughing until it hurt.

Friday, August 7th
1. Google Maps
2. Safety protocols established and enforced in hotel.
3. Enjoyable afternoon at pool with my sister
4. Fun evening with the boys at DQ
5. Talking to my momma
6. Leslie's, Sheryl's, and Amber's support and honest feedback

Saturday, August 8th
1. Trey's willingness to share his insight and experience on personal matters.
2. Acey helping out with the AC issues
3. My puppy-love, who keeps me entertained.
4. Cool, breezy summer nights.
5. Sound of helicopters coming and going from Camp Bowie

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