Friday, August 7, 2015

Stranger Danger!!!

Wow!!  Just WOW!!

I had to attend unexpected training seminars this week so I incorporated an extended hotel stay out of town for a few days so to have a much-needed mini-vacation as I contemplate all the recent life changes and decisions. (Which also blessedly coincided with the a/c breaking down at my rent house and not being able to be repaired for 3 days in 108 degree temps(!!)

The hotel front desk just called because they stopped a guy in the lobby who said that he was meeting someone in my room number!!

When I answered the phone, they said:  "Ma'am, do you know someone named Damien?"

When I said, no, they apologized for bothering me and requested that I stay in my room.

Where else would I go?
It's 4:30 in the morning!!

I imagine some fool got duped by a girl in a bar or he came to the wrong hotel.

SO THANKFUL that the front desk stopped him.

And embarrassed to say, but IF the. dude had made it past the front desk, and appeared knocking at my door, I probably would have answered the door.


And now all the "what ifs..." are running through my head so doubt there will be any more sleep tonight.

Vacation O-V-E-R!!

Yep, time to go home!
Just waiting for the sun to rise.

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